Writing for Magazines

Last weekend Mark and I attended a dog training workshop at the Hill ‘n Dale Club in Medina, Ohio. A small group of dog owners spent three days with premier hunting dog trainer, George Hickox, who showed the participants how to train their pointers and retrievers. It was fascinating to watch him; the dogs improved visibly within minutes as Hickox employed his confident, consistent training techniques. He also has training DVDs available for purchase. Temperatures were in the forties and low fifties and a raw spring wind was cutting into us, but the discomfort was well worth the experience. I was there to write an article for Ohio Valley Outdoors magazine. Mark took the photographs.

Have you ever wanted to publish articles in magazines? I am a frequent contributor to Ohio Valley Outdoors. I’ve been writing for OVO for several years. If you are interested in selling your work to magazines, a good place to start is determining what topics interest you the most. Your best writing will be about something you love. I love the outdoors, fly fishing especially, but anything that involves woods, fields, and water. When you’ve settled on a topic, look for magazines with that focus. Local publications with smaller circulation are best to begin with. Read widely, then start writing. When you’ve found your writing niche, you’ll know it. The work will stand out as more engaging and enjoyable to read. Start pitching that article to editors, and eventually you’ll find yourself in print! After you’ve established yourself as a contributor, make sure your articles are always accurate, on time, and responsive to your editors’ requests, and you’ll continue to find success as a freelance writer.

Magazine writing has afforded me some memorable opportunities, from fishing with a governor’s wife to meeting a world-class trainer of champion hunting dogs. Last year, while covering a Women in the Outdoors event, I encountered a young man who lit up when he met me. “I’ve been reading your articles for years!” he exclaimed. That made my day. If you’d like to write for magazines, you can begin preparing right away. By this time next year, folks could be reading your articles too.

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