Sketch Your Summer Holidays

I spent last week at Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, participating in the Grand Council of the Ladies’ Oriental Shrine of North America. We raise millions of dollars to support Shrine Hospitals for Children, and once each year we get together to elect new officers and turn in our annual reports. We also have fun meeting with those we may only see once a year. I was busy, but I found some time for sketching. Any time I am away from my desk and my studio, I try to find opportunities to sketch. This satisfies my need for creativity even when I don’t have the time or materials to write or paint. Some of these sketches eventually become finished works.

Kalahari Resort is a waterpark and convention center with an African theme, with beautiful statues of African wildlife scattered all around. A life-size gorilla sits at the foot of a winding staircase at the entrance to the convention center. My subjects are usually flowers, but once in a while I like to challenge myself to sketch something unusual.

You can keep a small sketchpad with you most of the time. I like a small one that will easily fit in my totebag or purse. I’ve sketched beaches, surfers, flower arrangements, gardens, hockey players, and more while on vacations and holidays, and now I’ve added a gorilla!

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