Easy Picnic Decorations with Sunset Theme

One of the most enjoyable things about summer is attending outdoor concerts and picnics. An evening picnic, with great music, glowing candlelight, and good friends, provides a wonderful opportunity to create a beautiful backdrop for the event.

The picnic we will be attending next weekend has a sunset theme. Photographs of sunset weddings provided the inspiration I needed to imagine a combination of red, orange, yellow, and pink, accented with cool, deep blue and purple.

Since the affair will be out-of-doors, rain or shine, I started with a deep red-orange vinyl tablecloth. I added bright yellow paper plates and layered them with smaller purple plates for appetizers and desserts. Bright orange party cups pop like lingering rays of sunlight against the duller red table covering.

Each place setting will be accented with double napkins, one blue and one orange, accordion-folded and clipped in the center with an artificial sunflower. Guests can clip the flowers to their hats, hair, or clothing. My flower clips cost $1.99 each at my local craft store, but silk sunflowers are also available online in bulk for less, and they could be attached to paper napkin rings with hot glue. If you’re especially good at crafting, you could make the sunflowers out of cardboard and tissue paper. These cute sunflower gift bags would also make perfect party favors when filled with cookies, fans, glow sticks, sparklers, or other picnic fun items.

The table would not be complete without some real flowers. I chose a pink vase that I saved from a florist arrangement and filled it with a combination of white flowers from my local grocery and Russian Sage and mint leaves from my garden. Any arrangement that stays with the sunset color theme would look beautiful. Sunflowers, roses, wild flowers, or blue hyacinths would be lovely. If decorations do not need to be carried far, individual potted marigolds would compliment the color scheme and provide delightful momentos for guests. Some flowers are sturdier than others and will better weather transport to the picnic location. I’ll need to carry my arrangement some distance, so this small vase of flowers, just large enough to lend a touch of elegance to the table, is a good choice. Besides, we’ll need to leave plenty of room on the table for all of the delicious picnic food!

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  1. Love it. We were in Florida last month and got to watch the glorious sunsets over the ocean. Its fun to see how you have captured the essence of those sights.

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