A Thank You to My Book Club

My book club friends were kind enough to choose Best Of Ohio II for our March book of the month. This recently published anthology by Columbus Creative Cooperative includes my story, “Kentucky Wonder Beans.” It’s the tale of a girl who left her dead-end Appalachian town because she wanted more from life, only to encounter pain and defeat. She returns home seeking solace, and finds wisdom and comfort in the home of her great-aunt. Will she find what she is looking for in the place she left behind? One of my friends told me, “Aunt Wanda is my favorite character, ever.” Another said, “I felt like I was there. I could smell those fresh beans and hear them snapping.” Read “Kentucky Wonder Beans” and 14 other brand-new short stories in the book. Get it here.

If you’re an avid reader, or would like to be, I highly recommend that you join or start a book club. Not only will you have fun getting together with friends and talking about the books you read, but the club will motivate you to keep reading. Few activities are as valuable to a writer as wide-ranging and consistent reading. Another great resource for writers is participating in a critique group. Columbus Creative Cooperative has frequent workshops for writers. Visit their website to find out more about this great organization and how it supports emerging writers. I also belong to Writers’ Satellite, a group of five women writers. We meet every other week to share and critique our work and support one another in our publishing journeys. We’ve been meeting for years, and I can’t say enough good things about the friendships we’ve forged over manuscripts and pizza.

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