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 The Columbus Creative Cooperative collection features some of Brenda’s best short stories.

Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume II

A unique collection of literary and popular fiction, the fifteen short stories featured in Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume II will please readers of all types.

These engaging, powerful, sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking stories have been carefully selected from hundreds of submissions from Ohio authors. The egalitarian selection process attracted and published authors of all types and experience levels, from the literary stalwarts of Ohio’s impressive academic communities, to debut authors toiling to rise above their day jobs.

Best of Ohio Short Stories: Volume II features the work of Tom Barlow, Jennifer Bryan, Chris Burnside, Charles Derry, Scott Geisel, Emily Hitchcock, Brenda Layman, Ian Moeckel, Kathleen Nicklaus, Michael O’Donnell, G.L. Mislin, Lawrence Parlier, Brooks Rexroat, Tonja Matney Reynolds, and Sara Ross Witt.

Every reader will find a story to love in this unique collection of short stories by Ohio authors.

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Best of Ohio Short Stories:Volume One

Best of Ohio Short Stories presents a collection of remarkable short stories by eighteen Ohio authors. A unique collection of literary and popular fiction, this fantastic anthology will please readers of all types.

Columbus Creative Cooperative solicited short stories from Ohio’s most prestigious institutions, and also welcomed work from writers of all skill and experience levels in an open, egalitarian submission process. From hundreds of qualified candidates, the best stories were selected for publication.

This first-of-its-kind anthology features stories from notable Ohio authors, as well as stories from authors making their fiction debut.

Best of Ohio Short Stories features the work of eighteen Ohio authors: David Armstrong, Mark D. Baumgartner, Joseph Downing, Kevin Duffy, Ann Brimacombe Elliot, Scott Geisel, Justin Hanson, Maria Hummer, Brenda Layman, Kelsey Lynne, Alice G. Otto, Brad Pauquette, Brooks Rexroat, Lin Rice, Anna Scotti, Heather Sinclair Shaw, S.E. White and Sara Ross Witt.

From contemplative literary fiction to other-worldly science fiction, and everything in between, every reader will find something to love in this phenomenal book. This anthology truly represents the Best of Ohio Short Stories.

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While You Were Out: Short Stories of Resurrection

While You Were Out, complete with fifteen witty, insightful, compelling, sometimes serious tales, presents the work of some of Columbus, Ohio s most talented writers.

These engaging, inspiring short stories of resurrection will revive your spirit of imagination.

You won t find any zombies or vampires in the pages of this book. From adventure to romance, comedy to science fiction, and every genre in between, inside you ll find fictional and non-fictional stories of people, animals, relationships, and even a car, that die and are resurrected.

This anthology includes the work of Deborah Cottle, Doug Devor, Ramona Douglas, Peg Hanna, Tina Higgins, Brenda Layman, Catherine Maynard, Jenny L. Maxey, Bradley Nelson, Ben Orlando, Barbara Perrin, Wayne Rapp, Birney Reed, Nate Roderick, and Cynthia Rosi.

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Columbus: Past, Present and Future

Columbus: Past, Present and Future features twenty-three short stories of Columbus, Ohio. Each story is set in Columbus, Ohio between the city s founding 200 years ago, and 2212, a date 200 years in our future. These captivating, enlightening stories, each of which was written by a different Central Ohio author, will entertain readers of all types.

With a foreword by Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman, Columbus presents twenty-three entertaining, unique stories written by Central Ohio s most talented writers, as well as art from the region s brightest visual artists.

Columbus includes stories written by Robert Alexander,Deborah Cheever Cottle, Amy S. Dalrymple, Stephen C. David, C.J. Edwards, Drew Farnsworth, Jay Fulmer, Heidi Durig Heiby, Brenda Layman, Jenny L. Maxey, Kim McCann, Casey McCarty, Todd Metcalf, Leslie Munnely, S. Michael Nash, Bradley Nelson, Ben Orlando, Brad Pauquette, Birney Reed, Janet Slike, Christopher Sunami, Chad Wellinger and Kim Charles Younkin.

Columbus also includes illustrations from fifteen Columbus artists, including Paul Binder, Scott Chaffin, Nick Coplen, Adrianne DeVille, Cortney DeWalt, Debra Fitch, Dorian Lefferre, Kevin McGinn, Jeff Ockerse, Doug Oldham, Melissa Pauquette, Hannah Ploechl, H.L. Sampson, Don Slobodien and Kelly Zalenski.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every book will be gifted to the Columbus Historical Society, which strives to preserve and protect the history of Central Ohio.

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Across Town: Stories of Columbus

Across Town presents twelve fantastic short stories, all written by Central Ohio authors. Each fictional tale is set in Columbus, Ohio. These creative, engaging stories, ranging from romantic comedy to adventure to science fiction, will satisfy readers of all types. The work of Central Ohio authors like Amy Dalrymple, John P. Deever, Gabrielle Gold, William J. Hallal, Justin N. Hanson, Brenda Layman, David Meeks, Todd Metcalf, Andrew Miller, Daniel O’Riordan, Brad Pauquette and Cynthia Rosi will lead you on an unforgettable journey amongst real Central Ohio landmarks and places like The Ohio State University, Northstar Cafe, Goodale Park and the famous topiary gardens. The bizarre, witty, intriguing stories of Across Town are a unique collection that you won’t soon forget.

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Song of Joy is Brenda’s first book, written as she discovered that hope, faith, and creativity can heal even the deepest wounds.

Song of Joy: A Guide to Recovery from Sorrow

It doesn’t have to be easy, it just has to be possible. These are the words Brenda Layman spoke when she determined to heal her life after the suicide of her fourteen-year-old daughter. Brenda’s journey led her from the depths of grief to a new understanding of the power we have to minister to one another and to help bring about healing in even the most painful circumstances. She learned that God does not intend for us to suffer through life’s trials alone, but to bear one another’s burdens. She also learned that it is when we are hurting the most that it is most difficult to allow comfort and help into our lives. Song of Joy is the chronicle of her journey from deep sorrow back to the hope-filled life God intends for us all. This book is a message of comfort and hope to the wounded soul.

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The Adaptive Fly Fishing Handbook, edited by Brenda, is a resource for instructors of the handicapped. Fly fishing is uniquely creative among the outdoor sports. Like other creative endeavors, it is a tremendously healing experience.

The Adaptive Fly Fishing Handbook

A comprehensive manual for training professionals and volunteers to assist persons with handicaps in learning the sport of fly fishing, covering adaptive fly fishing, fly tying, tackle and equipment, and working with disabled individuals in safe, effective ways. A portion of all proceeds goes to support the important work of the Adaptive Fly Fishing Institute, Inc.; a 501(c)(3) public charity.




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