Dog Togs Show Off Pet Owners’ Style

A new month means another Short North Gallery Hop. Mark and I attended last evening’s event, where Mark especially enjoys photographing lots of people having fun and showing off their individual styles.

He snapped this photo of a little dog daintily attired in a pink pinafore. Of course, the dog didn’t choose the outfit; her owner did. The dog’s ensemble speaks volumes about the owner. We can see that she enjoys cute, feminine things. The dog did seem to be enjoying all of the oohs and ahs she received from passers-by, though.

The first thing I made when I bought my first sewing machine was a little black-and-red checked jacket for our dachshund, Pepe. Pepe loved to wear jackets and sweaters. He would go to the basket where they were kept, select one, and bring it to me to put on him. Once dressed, he would swank around happily, even sitting up to admire himself in the mirror on the back of our bedroom door. Dog jackets are one of the easiest sewing projects I’ve tried. You can make a cute outfit for your canine friend in an afternoon, even if you’re a novice at sewing, with a pattern like this one from Simplicity.

If you prefer knitting, you can find free dog sweater patterns online, like these from LoveKnitting. Pepe also had two knitted sweaters, one green and the other a sporty blue-and-white stripe. He didn’t have a favorite, but rotated his ensemble from day to day.

Small dogs do look especially fetching in little jackets and sweaters, but large dogs enjoy them too, particularly if they are short-haired breeds and the weather is cold. Even sporting dogs benefit from jackets to keep them warm and protect them from thorns and burrs in the hunting field. Maybe your dog would enjoy a wardrobe update that would express your personal style as well as provide more comfort for your furry friend.


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