Living the Creative Life


I’ve heard the call of creativity for many years, and I found out early that it’s a call that is difficult to silence. In second grade,  I immersed myself in an assignment to color a picture of a boat on ocean waves. My family had just visited the ocean on summer vacation. Vivid memories of ocean water sparkling in the sun filled my mind’s eye. Blues, greens, purples, flecks of orange and yellow – all of these were a part of my experience of the ocean. I worked furiously, adding layers and highlights and shadows to my ocean waves. At last it was finished. I loved it. My teacher took one look at it and drew a frownie face on it, along with the comment, “Water is blue.” I disagreed, and I still loved it.

Since that time I have become a published writer, a painter, a photographer, and a public speaker. I’ve even tried my hand (and voice) at music! Of course, I’m more successful at some of these things than at others, but all of them yield joy and interest.

The focus of my writing and my art is capturing moments of discovery, comprehension, and beauty.

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